Auction Process

Live Televised Auction

Saturday, April 22             5  – 9 pm
Sunday, April 23                5  – 9 pm
Saturday, April 29             5 –  9 pm
Sunday, April 30                5 – 9 pm

Register early for faster bidding

Call 915-590-1313 during regular business hours prior to the Art Auction to register as a bidder.

Have you bid in the KCOS Art Auction in the past?  Then you are already registered!  Can’t remember- call KCOS to confirm.

Provide your first and last name to the volunteer on the phone when you call in to get started bidding.

Choose your favorite works of art

Explore this year’s collection online in the Gallery. Note the date and time your favorite pieces are scheduled to air, and call in to bid.  Even better- throw a viewing party with your friends!

How to Bid

Bidding is conducted by telephone. Tune in before your artwork comes up for bid and be ready to call. When the auctioneer announces your item, call 915-881-0013 and give the volunteer your name. The auction moves quickly. Most items are sold within 5 minutes, so call as soon as you see your desired pieces.

Confirmation and Payment

If you are the winning bidder, KCOS staff will confirm your bid and process payment shortly after the item closes (within one hour). KCOS accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, all major debit cards and checks.

Art Pickup

Confirmed winners may pick up purchases at KCOS located at 9050 Viscount Blvd, Suite A440, El Paso, TX 79925.  You will receive a receipt at pickup.

Pick up times are:

Sunday, April 23                3 pm – 8 pm
Monday, April 24              10 am – 4 pm
Tuesday, April 25              10 am – 4 pm
Saturday, April 29             3 pm – 8 pm
Sunday, April 30                3 pm – 8 pm
Monday, May 1                   10 am – 4 pm

Do you have any questions? Interested in a piece of art? Let us know which piece(s) you're interested in.  Fill out the form below!

*If you have filled out this form prior to 6pm on Apr 22 we may not have received your request due to technical difficulties. Please fill out the form as it is now working as intended.